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Actel SmartFusion™ Development Kit PDF. In Email
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Thứ năm, 01 Tháng 4 2010 21:12

The Actel SmartFusionDevelopment Kit offers a full-featured

 development board that lets you try the world's only FPGA with hard ARM® Cortex™-M3 and programmable analog. The Actel SmartFusion FPGA contains on-chip flash and SRAM memory, as well as additional off-chip memory on the development board. The development board can communicate via Ethernet and HyperTerminal. The development board also contains LEDs, switches, OLED, and extensive analog experimentation, including voltage rail monitoring, current POT, temperature diodes and voltage sweeping using active bipolar prescalers (ABPS). Networking interfaces include Ethernet PHY, EtherCAT, CAN, UART, and RS485. The Actel SmartFusion Development Kit is supported by Libero® Integrated Design Environment (IDE), the Actel design software that includes SoftConsole Eclipse-based GNU software IDE

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