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Diodes Inc. AP2101 / AP2111 Current-Limited Power Switch PDF. In Email
Thứ bảy, 07 Tháng 7 2007 16:54

The Diodes Inc. AP2101 and AP2111 2A single-channel current-limited power switches are optimized for USB and other hot-swap applications. Diodes Inc. AP2101 / AP2111 power switches comply with USB 2.0 and are available with both polarities of Enable input. Theses Diodes Inc. current-limited power switches offer current and thermal limiting and short circuit protection as well as controlled rise time, under-voltage lockout, and auto-discharge functionalities. A 7ms deglitch capability on the open-drain Flag output prevents false over-current reporting and does not require any external components. The AP2101 and AP2111 are ideal for consumer electronics, communications, and computing applications.

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