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STMicroelectronics M24LR64-R Dual Access Protocol RF EEPROM PDF. In Email
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Thứ năm, 01 Tháng 4 2010 20:59

The STMicroelectronics M24LR64-R Dual Access Protocol RF EEPROM family 

 of memories provides the flexibility to remotely program or update electronic products anytime during their lifetime and anywhere in the supply chain. The EEPROM memory bank of the STMicroelectronics M24LR64-R can be accessed either by a standard I²C interface or by an ISO 15693 RF interface. The ISO 15693 RF interface is based on a passive RFID technology that does not require a battery or power to operate but instead gets the energy and data stream from the RF reader. This STMicroelectronics Dual Access Protocol EEPROM family is based on two industry-standard interfaces and features a unique and flexible data protection scheme that protects some or all of the information contained in the memory. The M24LR64-R family is optimized for use in a variety of applications, including medical equipment, industrial equipment, factory and building automation, computers / peripherals, and consumer electronics. 


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